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Our network is more than just rails and trains – we’re part of a community. That’s why we’re committed to supporting people and groups local to our stations, from Bedford to Brighton and points in between.

Putting our stations at the heart of communities

We want to pitch in to help local people and groups achieve their goals. We do this through community projects at our stations and by giving financial support to groups doing important work in the area.

If you would like to seek sponsorship from Thameslink, please fill in our online sponsorship form.

We welcome applications from across our network, but please do keep in mind that we have a limited budget. We get a number of requests and consider them all carefully.  

Here are a few of the projects we’ve been involved in recently.

Cricklewood Town Team and the local library

We have worked with Cricklewood Town Team and the local library to open a pop-up community library at the station.

Cricklewood station was adopted by the Town Team in March 2016 and the group have already worked with Thameslink and others to revamp the entrance. Long gone is the dingy wall, which attracted litter, and in its place sits a beautiful flower bed, striking station sign and local photo collages. 

Now, in partnership with the Friends of Cricklewood library, passengers can drop off, borrow or exchange a book with fellow travellers. The project got the go-ahead after it was successfully trialled at Willesden Green Underground station. The bookcase was funded by NorthWestTWO Residents' Association and bought from the local British Heart Foundation charity shop, while The Friends of Cricklewood Library supplied a set of books to get started.

Marie Hancock, from the Town Team, added: “Our thanks to Mick, Diana and James from Thameslink for all their help setting up this excellent new addition to the station we all love. People will also notice the burgeoning flowerbed with plants donated by residents and the new logs to attract bees. Cricklewood is now looking blooming marvellous.”

Bedford Borough Council’s Looked After Children Awards

Thameslink was pleased to confirm its sponsorship of the medals and trophies for Bedford Borough Council’s Looked After Children Awards, which recognises the talents of a range of young people in care.

The Looked After Children Awards, organised by the council and its Children in Care Council, is an annual event, at which locals come together to celebrate the achievements of all the cared-for children and young people in Bedford Borough.

The process begins with professionals who work with these children, including teachers and social workers, being invited to nominate children for a wide range of awards from recognising educational achievement to celebrating life skills.

The event was planned by the children and young people themselves, with support from council officers; they decide on the theme, plan the entertainment and they are also involved in allocating the budget.

Thameslink provided the sponsorship as well as a journey on its services as a raffle prize to support the event.